An Author’s Tale by Ellie Keys – Review


an authors tale

5 Stars

A well wrote story, with great character interaction.  This story has a good plot and an entertaining way of keeping you focused.

I especially loved the interaction between Stephanie and her best friend Rhonnie

I highly recommend this story to all.

Fabrick (The Fabrick Weavers book 1) by Andrew Post – Review


fabrick andrew post

4 Stars

An excellent read.  This story will keep you entertained for hours. With great character interaction, a great plot, and a lot of interesting new characters.

This is a Good vs Evil type of story.  With murder, destruction, revenge, and saving a city.

You can instantly feel a connection to some of the characters.  With other characters, you develop a connection to them over time in the book.  Their seems to be multiple plots going all at once that make it seem like a lot is happening all at once.

This is one book I would recommend for all ages to read.

Blossom by Cathy Jackson – Review



5 Stars

An emotional story about finding faith and hope, while learning to love and trust someone.

Phoenix came from an abusive marriage. After the death of her husband, she met John.  This story starts out at Phoenix and Johns wedding, and will suck you right in to all of the emotions Phoenix goes through.

Well wrote, with great character interaction.  I would highly recommend this book to everyone.

Dream Hunter by Maya Tyler – Review


dream hunter

3 Stars

The writing is good, however, I felt that their was little emotional involvement.  I never felt any emotion while reading this.  I think the author could work some more on getting a reader emotionally invested in the book.

This story does have a good plot and with a little more work, I believe it has the potential to become a 5 star read.

One Night Stand by Tasneem Sara – Review


one night stand

5 Stars

An emotional tale of young love, heartache, and seeking forgiveness.

The story is of a young woman dying from Aids.  It is told from her point of view.  As Samayra remembers the past and her first love. Now as she prepares to die, she wants to make sure that Sahil is healthy.

This is an emotional story that leaves you with more than the heartache and sadness, it leaves you with a strong feeling of love and hope as well.

The Sons of Teelan (Aaron and Blake) (The Generations of Teelan #2) by G. E. Stills – Review


the sons of teelan

5 Stars

To get the most out of it, I recommend reading ‘From the Distant Past’ before starting this book.

A science fiction adventure that takes you to multiple planets, and puts you in contact with a lot of new characters.  Aaron is the son of Suki and Keita. Aaron meets La’lani after battling with a Men-gar battleship and crash landing on her planet.  After battling the Men-gar that have taken over the planet and enslaved her people, they end up exploring another new planet and meet Tantara.  She ends up traveling back to Teelan with them, where she meets Blake.  Blake is the son of Kat and Nolan.

This story is full of adventure, combat, and falling in love.  It is well wrote, with great character interaction.

I cannot wait to see what the next chapter in this series bring us.  I am looking forward to reading ‘The Daughters of Teelan (Gina and Becky)’.