Life After: The Arising by Bryan Way – Review (Originally posted in April of 2014)


I reviewed this story back in April 2014.  The reason I am pulling up this review now is because I just got a chance to review the rest of the books available in the series.  As a refresher, I started out again with this story.  I feel that without easy access to this review, the other stories will not make as much sense.  In my opinion, this is the focal point of the whole series.

the Arising bryan way

5.5 Star

Imagine being at a school event and having a horde of people emerge from the nearby cemetery and start attacking everyone. What would you do? Jeff has it all figured out, he has watched all the zombie movies out and has written a few himself. When the attack starts, he races onto the field and grabs his girlfriend Julia. Together, they make their way through the chaotic parking lot and into the school. Followed by several other people, they hole up in a greenhouse.

Their they begin to await for rescue, but will it come? They attempt to head towards the nearest rescue center, but each one they come across has been overrun by zombies and abandoned. Can this group survive the arising? At what cost to themselves?

I found this book to be one of the most realistic views on the zombie apocalypse that I have read so far. It has a great story line, with realistic character interactions. Their is even debates between the characters on religion and religious beliefs.

Here are two of my favorite quotes from the book.

“Resurrection?” “Not…really. But depending on how you look at it, Jesus was a Zombie, right?’

” ‘When I’m trying to ward of the pangs of sleep in the midst of a Zombie crisis, I turn to 5-Hour Energy…’ “


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