Life After: The Phoenix by Bryan Way – Review


life after the phoenix

4 Star

I have immensely enjoyed reading this series.  This story coincides with the events that have taken place in both Life After: The Cemetery, and Life After: The Arising.

With a young couple struggling to understand each other and what had gone wrong in their relationship, as the zombies are getting closer.  They seem to be trying to find some reason for the end of their relationship, and closure to their relationship, while surviving the initial onslaught of zombies.

This series is well wrote with great character interaction, and a well thought out plot.  I highly recommend the entire series to any who love a good zombie or horror book.

Now as to why I gave this a 4 instead of a 5.  In all of the other stories, their was more of a sense of survival and comradeship.  In this story, that comradeship was missing.  It seemed like all they could do was argue over who was in the wrong, without much worry over their survival.


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