Scorpion Mountain ( Brotherband Chronicles Book #5 ) by John Flanagan


scorpion mountain

4 Stars

Although a great read, I found this one rather tame and without the difficult challenges of the previous books.  This story did not seem up to par with the rest of Mr. Flanagan’s works. It did not have the difficult challenges that I am use to seeing in Flanagan’s writing style, nor did it covey they normal feeling of companionship that is usually rampant in the Brotherband Chronicles.

Also, their is the matter of the comparison between Stig and Horace.  Horace is classified one of the foremost knights of Araluen while Stig is described as a capable warrior.  With these descriptions not to mention the age difference (Stig is at most early 20’s while Horace is Early to Mid 30’s)  the comparison does not make sense as wrote.

To get the most out of this book, I would recommend reading the entire Rangers Apprentice series, along with the first four books in the Brotherband Chronicles.


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