Winterborne (Universe Unbound #1) by Augusta Blythe – Review



4 Stars

A great read!  Fast paced and one you won’t want to put down. This book has a great plot with good character interaction.  Winterborne is a tale of two girls who have been friends since birth, with a paranormal twist.

Winterborne actually surprised me.  I read the blurb and expected the story to be from Mia’s point of view.  Instead the whole story is told from Loie’s point of view.

Mia has grown up expecting to inherit some mystical powers upon her 17th birthday.  Loie plays the part of her sidekick throughout the majority of the book.  You will be surprised at the twists that occur in this book.

My only issue with this book is the clichés that Loie is always spouting. They were extremely annoying after the first few chapters.


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