Tales of a Tenacious Tenor by Robert P. Mitchell – Review


Tales of a tenacious tenor

4 Stars

Although I do not generally read biographies, this one was well worth the time it took to read it.  You can actually feel the passion he has for music through his writing.  This book is very descriptive (sometimes a bit over descriptive) and well written.

I recommend this book to all who love music.


Royals (The Anathergians Trilogy Book 3) by Michelle C. Reilly – Review



5 Stars

An excellent read with plenty of action and adventure. In a battle to save Earth, and those they love, Auden and Leah will do whatever it takes to protect everyone.

I hope Michelle continues with the Anathergians stories (there are a lot of them who still need their story told) and their battle with the Zonatair.