Out of the Mists of Darkness by Teya Peck – Review


out of the mists of darkness teya peck

5 Stars

A great insight into many different facets of abuse. These stories are told by the abused persons point of view, with just enough to show the severity of abuse without going into graphic detail.
In the prologue of How this book came to be, the author wrote “We want to help others avoid abuse in their families, or to see what might be right under their noses.  To stop being treated like lepers and pushed or forced to keep it quiet and stop the hiding, to stop the generations of abuse.”
I hope this book helps others to know they are not alone in suffering abuse, or having a family member that is an abuser.

My Brother’s Best Friend by PL Jenkins – Review


my brothers best friend pl jenkins

5 Stars

A beautiful love story full of emotions.  Love, heartache, loss all combine to give you a great story.  I enjoyed reading this book, even though at times it made me cry.  It also has a reminder to watch what you say to someone, you may never get the chance to apologize or make up.

I’m looking forward to reading more from Mrs. Jenkins.

Slow Burn: Infected, Book 2 (Slow Burn Zombie Apocalypse Series) by Bobby Adair – Review


slow burn 2 infected bobby adair

4 Stars

An excellent read with the exception of grammatical errors.  Book 2 is way better than the first.  Action packed, suspenseful,  full of humor, and highly addictive.  This series will keep you up turning pages, just to find out what happens next.

Here is a quote I liked from the book :

“It’s cynical because I don’t think that this will be a spiritually maturative  event for humanity.  I think eventually things will go back to being just the way they were.  There’ll be disgustingly rich people and abjectly poor people.  Mankind will still find reasons to go to war.  There’ll still be starvation.  There’ll still be distrust between nations and people who are different.  If anything, this virus might just exacerbate that.”