Fireside (The Path of Ashes Book 2) by Brian Parker – Review


fireside a path of ashes brian parker

5 Stars

An excellent follow up to The Path of Ashes.  Seamlessly blending the timeline so that the years seem to blend together.  This story will suck you into it and keep you hooked.  I found myself rooting for Aeric and the San Angelo people against the Vultures.  Great character interaction and an action packed plot makes this one exciting adventure.  I hope to read more of Brian Parkers works soon.

The Dark Element (The Elemental Saga Book 1) by Mason J. Torall – Review


the dark element

5 + Stars

WOW!  This book will knock your socks off.  For his first book, Mason Torall did an outstanding job of creating his own futuristic world and characters.  The plot is so complex, well though out and developed  that it sucks you right into the story making you feel as if you are right there.  It will also keep you on the edge of your seat.  Great character interaction and development.

I can’t wait to see how Mason is going to top this book.  I would highly recommend this to everyone.

A word of advise while reading this book.  ‘ Don’t have any other plans.  Enjoy the story.  Make sure you read the prologue and journal entries at the front, as these will give you a greater insight into the story.

‘ “The greatness of all things can be measured by how far they fall, planet or person.  A bird might crash with the same resonance as a civilization, but we all fall just the same. -Lunar Admiral Jacob Hawkings final entry in his personal journal dated June 24, 2130 Eighteen months after the conquering” ‘

‘ ” As someone once said – though, the original penman of the quote is no longer known – ‘those who do not listen to history are doomed to repeat it.’ Compelling words.” ‘

A Path of Ashes (The Path of Ashes) (Volume 1) by Brian Parker – Review


A path of ashes

5 Stars

An excellent Post-Apocalyptic novel full of action and suspense.  The descriptions were such that it felt like I was right there with Aeric and Tyler.  Great character interaction and a well developed plot will keep you riveted and wanting more.

I would recommend this to any who like the post apocalyptic novels.  Should be limited to those at least 18 due to the graphic violence.

Soulless by Jacinta Maree – Review


Soulless jacinta marie

5 Stars

An edge of your seat read that hooks you from the start.  Great character interaction and an action packed plot.  This book is great for anyone interested in post apocalyptic sci-fi, or horror.  Due to the violence, I would recommend this for anyone over 18.

My only problem with this is, I need book 2 now.  I need to know what happens next.

Crime-Phyter (a Next Level Fiction anthology) by James Lee Nathan III – Review


crime phyter

4 Stars

A fast paced story full of action.  Great character development and a good plot.  This story will suck you in and keep you hooked.  This is one I would recommend to anyone who likes an action packed story.

There are some minor grammatical errors. And to me the ending seemed to need a little more depth.

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