Nomad by Matthew Mather – Review


Nomad mathew mather

4.5 Stars

Mather has done it again.  Something is headed straight for Earth, and scientists are scrambling to find out exactly what it is and if it will impact us.

At the start of the book, you read intermittent stories from survivors.  This tells you that things are going to get really bad.  Yet, their is always hope.  Plenty of twists to keep you guessing, but Mather always returns to the family and friends reactions to the event.

A thought provoking and well detailed plot, with good character interaction for the majority of the characters.  And a controversial topic set into a great story.  I am hoping Mr. Mather continues with this in another book, as there are some questions that were never answered in this book.

A Warrior’s Christmas Gift: A Land of Riandus Story by Linda Boulanger – Review


A warriors christmas gift linda boulanger

5 Stars

I enjoyed this Holiday Story.  Tahruk and Elenya  had some problems with their first Christmas.  Planning to made to make their second Christmas the best one they could, they had no idea of what was coming.
I kept thinking that it wasn’t fair to separate the tow just days before Christmas, but WOW!  I never expected these twists.  I was hoping for a great holiday romance, and got a whole lot more.



Her Dragon’s No Angel by Julia Mills – Review


her dragons no angel julia mills

5 Stars

An excellent Holiday Edition to the Dragon Guard Series.   Thomas and Holly’s story made my day.  I really enjoyed Eve’s appearance and part in this story.  I hope to see her in a future story.  I also can not wait to see what Julia pulls out of her hat in the next book.   Julia is one author that will keep you on your toes with this series.


Callisto Carvanis: And A Legacy Was Born – Dark Indiscretions Chronicles by Shakuita Johnson – Review


callisto carvanis shakuita johnson

5 Stars

Since I first delved into the Dark Indiscretions series, I have always loved this series.  Since Callisto first appears in Dark Indiscretions: A Prequel, I have wanted to know more about her.  This book blew all of my theories out of the water.

Callisto has taken the Dark Indiscretions series to a whole new level.  Well written, great character interaction, and an intense plot will keep you turning pages.  I can not wait to see what Shakuita brings us next.

Life After: The Void by Bryan Way – Review


4 Stars

This story flows well with the others in this series.

An exciting challenge awaits our friends from Thomas Massey High School.  There is a rescue, hordes of zombies, the hunt for supplies, and a whole list of things they need to do to survive.

Although there were some grammar errors, they were easy to overlook while reading.

During a Zombie apocalypse not many would consider philosophy, yet this group seems to have several debates within the group.

Here is a few quotes from the book for you.

“the internet allows its users the ability to quickly disseminate thoughts and opinions that immediately become open to public opinion and ridicule… and the more prevalent these social networking sites become, the worst it will get.”

“We’ve talked about this for weeks, planned for days, prepared over the last several hours, and now the only thing left is to do it.”

“Careful, lest in castin’ out your demons you exorcise the best thing in you.”