Natalie the Not-So-Nasty (Tales from Upon A. Time Book 2) by Falcon Storm – Review



5 Stars

This book will engage your young reader, while teaching them not to judge people by what others say.  It also has a great lesson in it about how spreading a rumor travels and distorts quickly with each retelling.  I enjoyed reading this one and read it to my niece who loved it.


Survival (Blue Plague #2) by Thomas Watson – Review



5 stars

This book picks up where The Fall, Blue Plague 1 leaves off.  This series is in now way “politically correct”, it has a ‘no nonsense, tell it like it is’ way of describing the events that happen.  Good character interaction and plenty of twists to keep you hooked and leaving you ready to read book 3.  ‘The clan’ is bringing in more survivors and working to reinforce and add on to the compound to allow room for the added survivors.