Divided (The Orphans Book 6) by Mike Evans – Review


divided orphans 6 mike evans

5 Stars

The pace and action just seem to pick up in this series.  I really need book 7 now, hopefully it will be released soon (Yes that is a hint Mike).  Really love this series and highly recommend it to all zombie fans.  Mike Evans will hook you and leave you wanting more.


Civil War (The Orphans book 5) by Mike Evans – Review


civil war orphans 5

5 Stars

Betrayal, loss, anger, this series just seems to take you on an emotional rollercoaster.  Intense, fast paced, and action packed.  This one is the best so far.  Love these characters, even though there are a few I just want to reach out and knock some sense into them.

White Lie (The Orphans Book 4) by Mike Evans – Review


White lie Orphans 4 mike evans

4 Stars

One little white lie and all hell breaks loose.  This one will leave you crying and cursing.  Greg should have had his butt stomped!  Ok no spoilers…   Fast paced and intense twists and turns.  Although I didn’t have the same level of emotional connection that I had when reading the first 3 books in this series.  This is still a great book.

Korean Road by Brian Scutt – Review


korean road brian scutt

5 Stars

An intense, fast paced read that will keep you riveted.  The tragic tale of a Veteran’s war experiences and the long lasting effects of the PTSD he suffers.  The book is well written and I look forward to reading more works from Brian Scutt.  I highly recommend this book to all.

25 Days of Books – Day 16


Romeo eBook Final

♚★ ROMEO ★♚

A Romantic Suspense Novel by Ruby Rowe. 

Also Available in KU!

Amazon: http://amzn.to/2yS0AWG

Goodreads: http://bit.ly/2zkOQAw


I’m Hollywood’s leading lady, the daughter of a mafia boss, and my stalker’s sick obsession.

Griffin Scott is my new protector, my dominant, and my salvation.

I was taught that blood is thicker than water, but I’ll defy that belief for a future only Griffin can give me.


I’m a man with dark secrets, the black sheep of my notorious family, and a bodyguard to the rich and famous.

Ava Lane is my client, a goddess, and a woman who consumes every ounce of my being.

I was taught that blood is thicker than water, but I’ll strike any deal necessary to keep her. I won’t give Ava up.

ROMEO contains explicit language and graphic sex, including aspects of BDSM.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/authorrubyrowe

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Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/rubyrowebooks

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Amazon: http://amzn.to/2saGx2J

Newsletter Sign up: http://bit.ly/2ut4d2J

Email: rubyrowebooks@gmail.com

Website: www.rubyrowe.com

Ruby Rowe’s Bio:

Ruby Rowe began writing in January of 2013 under the pen name Scarlet Wolfe, releasing contemporary and young adult. She soon tried her hand at writing erotica romance and fell in love with the genre.

The pen name Ruby Rowe came about in 2017 when she decided it best to keep her racier books separate from her young adult romances. She’d like to branch out and release straight erotica; however, she’s a romantic at heart, and believes it will be difficult not to include romance in every story.

When not writing, Ruby reads naughty books about possessive, hot alpha males. She has an addiction to Pinterest, pinning all the sensual photos she can find. She loves bacon, coffee, and other flavors of ice cream besides vanilla. 😉 She hopes her writing will allow her readers a reprieve from the real world, giving them an opportunity to live out their fantasies.

 Romeo Teaser1

25 Days of Books – Day 12


Demons beware

Demons Beware is unlike anything you’ve read before dealing with demonic possession no one is safe and that includes the children. The Devil is trying to take Chicago and Heaven by possessing the youths of the city. His plan is as evil as himself and his army knows that failure is not an option.

Father Joseph who thought that his wars against the Devil were over is the only one who knows how to stop them. With the aid of a much younger priest, who is a devout and faithful believer in his maker, but less in the darker things in life.

Brothers Billy and Tony live at the house where the portal has opened for the damned to try and take the earth. When the demons begin taking over, five-year-old Tony gets caught in the cross hairs. Will Father Joseph and Michaels be able to stop this abomination before it takes over the city and heaven?