Doomsday Haven by Bobby Akart – Review


doomsday haven

5 Stars

Haven is the second book in the Doomsday series.  So far this series hasn’t disappointed.  With Bobby’s epic storytelling ability, this one will keep you up reading to the last page. With scenarios that seem to be ripped straight from today’s headlines, Akart books are a “must read” for everyone that wishes to be prepared.
Haven is no exception.  With so many twists and turns on every page you won’t want to put this one down!
Everyone needs their own little Haven, you know, that one place you feel safe and run to when things get bad. This series can give you ideas on how to set one up and what you will need to do when you do set yours up.

Viking King’s Vendetta (Viking Ancestors: Rise of the Dragon #1) by Sky Purington – Review


viking kings vendetta

4 Stars

A great fantasy story, yet I felt that it was missing some information.  There was so much going on that it could have been easily overlooked.  But after reading it twice, I was still left with the feeling that there was missing information.  I’m hoping it will turn up in the next book. Otherwise it was a great story.