Myrrendryl by Kirby Lord – Review


myrrendryl kirby lord

4 Stars

This debut novel has a well developed plot and great character interaction.  I would classify it as a Dark Urban Fantasy.  It has an amazing cover that I fell in love with from the start. The story will suck you into it and keep you hooked.  However, it does have some minor grammar errors that in no way detract from the story.  I look forward to more great works from Kirby Lord and watching him grow as an author.



Doomsday: Minutemen by Bobby Akart – Review


doomsday minutemen bobby akart

5 Stars

A series so realistic, with facets of what is currently going on in the world today.  Book four will keep you on the edge of your seat and leave you wanting more.  Bobby Akart has a way of bringing current events into his post apocalyptic worlds to create a realistic view of how the world would be if the event did happen.  This is why you should always be prepared!