Stolen Liberty: Behind the Curtain by Thomas A. Watson, M.C. Allen, William Allen – Review


Stolen Liberty Thomas Watson MC Will Allen

5 Stars

WOW! The collaboration between these three authors have given us an intense, emotionally charged, action packed masterpiece.  This book is so full of action with so many twists and turns that you are not going to want to put it down.  I can’t wait for book 2.  These guys know how to grab your attention and keep you coming back for more.


The Lights Will Never Fade by Jackson Baer – Audio Review


The lights will never fade jackson baer

4 Star

Audio Review

Great characters and full of suspense.  This story has so many plot twists it will keep you on the edge of your seat.  The story itself deserves a 5 star rating, however, with the narration I can only give it a 4 star for the audio.  The narration needed to have more infliction and emotion into the character voices.  It wasn’t a dead-pan narration, yet there was barely any emotion shown even when Peyton found her family murdered.

Contrition by Haven Cage – Review


contriton haven cage

5 Stars

A great conclusion to this series.  This one is so much lighter than the darkness found in Severance, yet the battle between good and evil throws many twists and turns into the plot.  One of the best Haven Cage novels that I have read so far.

Texas Strong: Post Apocalyptic EMP Survival Fiction (The Lone Star Series Book 4) by Bobby Akart – Review


Texas Strong bobby akart

5 Stars

Sometimes, when you feel like you have reached rock bottom, something comes along that just lifts your spirit up and reminds you that you are not alone.

This is one series that will hook you right from the start with plenty of action and adventure.  Texas Strong picks  up where Lines in the Sand left off.   With plenty of unexpected twists this book will grip your emotions and keep you turning pages.

“As the children of God, our fate rests in His hands.  We’re all knocking on Heaven’s door as we persevere in this new life.  Together, as a family, we will enjoy Life’s greatest blessing — our love for one another, and it is our love that will help us endure what comes our way.”