Forgotten Forbidden America “Sinners” (Book 6) by Thomas A. Watson – Review


ffa 6


The Sin Eaters are back and consuming more sin’s. Fast paced with plenty of action. Reaper and his crew are still together and working on consuming as many sins as they can. With the war between the Feds and the Republic still ongoing, Reaper has found ways to help the republic while still consuming sins. This is one of the best series out there! I highly recommend it to all!

Civilization: United We Stand by Jeff Zimmerman – Review


civilization jeff zimmerman

4 Stars 

Give this one a few pages then it starts picking up speed.  Once it picks up, there is some new twist coming rapidly.  The story has great character interaction with well developed characters, however, it needs more emotion added in.  The book also needs a good edit and polish, especially after about chapter 5 or 6.  Other than that, this is a good book.  For a first book, this is well done.  I look forward to seeing more from Zimmerman, and seeing him grow as an author.

Glens of the Dead by Matt Hay – Review


glens of the dead matt hat

5 Stars

Set in Scotland in the late 1200’s, this story has so much history included that it is a pleasure to read.  A plague created through black magic, plenty of action and suspense.  Even if you are not into the historical aspect of Scotland, you will get sucked right into the adventure and non-stop action.   This one is a perfect read for all who love zombie stories.

Snapshots by Eliot Parker – Review


snapshots eliot parker

5 Stars

This collection of short stories is perfect for when you want to read, but don’t have the time for a full length book. Each story will touch your emotions and suck you in. This is one that you won’t want to put down for long, and you will want to come back and reread over and over again.

Linda Burson’s 3rd Annual Book Cover Contest


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It’s that time of year again!!!
Linda Burson’s 3rd Annual Book Cover Contest is running now!
Submit your cover by November 22nd, 2019 for your chance at winning a $20 gift card and promotion, among other various prizes.

Please make sure you send us the highest resolution available for your cover art, and fill out the easy signup form below.

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Rage by Linda Burson – Cover Reveal and Preorder link




Introducing Linda Burson’s revamped cover and edits for RAGE Book One of The Marcy Series!

Don’t forget to pre-order! Only .99 cents!

Marcy, a strong, independent business owner uncharacteristically turns into an enraged, nightmare-plagued woman. Her lack of control over her anger makes her long-term boyfriend issue her an ultimatum—seek therapy for her behavior or lose him.
After being held-up and threatened at gunpoint during a robbery, Marcy is pushed over the edge. That night, she meets a stranger named Liam with whom she feels an inexplicable connection. Totally exhausted and intoxicated, she agrees to help him find his family’s murderers. Delving into the dark world of revenge brings Marcy and Liam into close quarters where they fall for each other, causing even more emotional anguish for Marcy.